Content Management

Because you Deserve a Better CMS

Off the shelf CMS like Umbraco and WordPress are brilliant but sometimes they cant do everything you want them to. If you have a specific functional requirement this either needs to be programmed in or sometimes it's better to build bespoke from the ground up.

Our Solution

Flexible CMS Empowering Website Owners
A CMS (Content Management System) is an application that is used to, as the name suggests, manage digital & website content. Our Content Management Systems are packed with powerful features, and come with the freedom to build anything you want.

Why Vogal CMS?
Customisable and agile, our CMS gives your business the flexibility that other platforms can't. Get started with a demo today.

Manage text, images, and more
Add, edit, remove, and rearrange any content you want, in any format. From static assets like images, text, and video, to custom cards and designs, manage content however it suits your needs.

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