A website which cannot be found easily on any of the major search engines is of little value to an organisation. With many millions of results now returned from search engines, it is important to ensure your site is search engine friendly. Vogal works with you to make sure that your web site contains the correct keywords, is visible to search engines and is being indexed efficiently, correctly and regularly by the major search engines and directories.

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Here at Vogal we understand that businesses often find it hard to know where to start when trying to optimise their website. This is why we offer companies an SEO Health Check. The report will show you where your website stands right now, what improvements can be made and how to make them. For those companies that are too busy doing what they do best Vogal offer competitive SEO packages that start from just £90 per month with no minimum contract.

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Your SEO rankings are impacted by your incoming links, on page content and online presence. We have a proven track record of creating SEO campaigns that take advantage of powerful resources to establish our clients websites as high authorities in their industry. This ensures that each SEO campaign is a success by producing page one results and driving targeted traffic to the right landing pages.

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